Business Law

Have you been looking forward to the day you can retire, perhaps turn your business over to a son or daughter, or sell it? Even if you have no retirement date in mind, you need to plan for the day you cannot run your business due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or death.   In that event,  your business will most likely be included in your estate and could be subject to substantial estate taxes.  During a most difficult time, your family may be forced to sell the business or its assets at 'fire sale' prices, which would negate all of your hard work in hopes they would reap the benefits.   

Planning for how you will exit from your business should be an integral part of your estate and retirement planning. Proper planning now can provide you with retirement income, reduced income and estate taxes, and even let you benefit a charity if you so choose, regardless of whether you transfer your business to family members at discounted values, to employees, or to an outside buyer. In today's market, the economy and trends are affecting the timing and value of business transfers.


We know you're busy running your company, and may not know where to start.  We want to help you protect everything you've worked so hard for in that and in every aspect of your business, including:    


  • Business formation (C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, LLP, Close Corporations… etc.)

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Mergers/Conversions

  • Business Dissolution/ Succession

  • Service contracts drafting/review

  • Website terms and conditions

  • Privacy Policies

  • Non-disclosure/non-compete agreements

  • Software licensing agreements

  • Lease review/negotiation

  • Purchase/sale of a business

  • Legal health audit

  • Employment agreements

  • Business disputes and litigation

  • USPTO Trademark Registration

  • Copyright registration

You should feel enabled to focus on operating and growing your business, not protecting it.  That's what we're here for.   Contact us  today and let's start the conversation.