Planning for Everyone You Love and Everything You Have


Do you know what would happen legally- to you, your loved ones, your money and everything else you care about – if something unexpected happened to you?


If you have an estate plan and it’s out of date, your assets could be lost to the State Department of Unclaimed Property, or to an unnecessary and lengthy Court process.


We're here to help.  If you don’t know exactly what would happen for everyone you love and everything you own, the first step we take is to educate you, legally and financially, so that you can decide if you are comfortable with the current state of your affairs.


How Do We Help You With Estate Planning?


We conduct a family planning session, where we spend time together and share information that allows you to be informed.  Before our time together, you will complete an inventory and assessment questionnaire, which will help you to get clear about what you own and what you have to think about when it comes to planning for the well-being and care of your loved ones and your belongings. If you decide your current estate protection is lacking, and if we both decide that it’s a fit to work together, then we can design an estate plan together that will best suit the needs of you and your family.


In order to protect your assets in a variety of different scenarios, the foundation of your estate plan will often include a revocable living trust; you transfer your property into this trust for your benefit during your life.  One of the benefits of a revocable living trust is that, when done correctly and maintained over time, your estate plan should help your family to avoid the cost and delay of probate and minimize or eliminate estate taxes.


Our Estate Planning services include:

  •  Wills

  •  Durable Power of Attorney

  •  Healthcare Proxy

  •  Advance Health Care Directives

  •  Revocable Living Trust

  •  Medicaid Trust

  •  Guardian nomination

  •  Special Needs Trust

  •  Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

  •  Business Succession Planning

  •  Gifting Strategies for Estate Tax Reduction

  •  Pet Trust


We will educate you, take the time to get to know you, your family, your concerns, your goals and your issues and will gladly and patiently answer all your questions to produce an estate plan that is exactly right for you and will keep your loved one’s out of court and out of conflict.

Contact us today and let's start the conversation about how we can help you protect the people you love and the assets you own.